10. You won't have to share your Jeep with her.

9. Weather permitting, she prefers driving topless.

8. Since she is obviously not into creature comforts, she will be low maintenance.

7. She can probably perform her own Jeep maintenance, so you won't have to.

6. She won't bitch when you are out working on your Jeep.

5. She probably has her own tools.

4. She likes it rough and bumpy.

3. She can take your Jeep in for warranty work, and they won't ask her a
single question, even with that 4-inch lift and those 33-inch Super Swampers.
2. She will usually buy you Jeep parts for gifts, and expect the same in return.

And the Number One reason to date (or marry) a chick with a Jeep:

1. Plenty of spare parts waiting to be stripped from her Jeep when she's not looking