10. Occasional loud banging sound gives you an adrenaline rush that is better than coffee.

9. Excellent opportunity to demonstrate your superior mechanical understanding to
your mechanic while explaining to him that, no . . . your rear end is not broken.

8. Your significant other won't ask to borrow your Jeep, cuz they are afraid
to drive it after that parking lot incident.
7. Lane changes no longer require all that annoying effort of actually having
to turn the steering wheel.
6. Beating sports cars off the line on wet pavement.

5. Having a 4X4 that actually turns more then two wheels.

4. Single lane U-turns.

3. Cool, brightly-colored
"Warning: May Cause Injury or Death" stickers for your dash.

2. No need to plow snow from your driveway . . . ever.

And the Number One reason for having mechanical lockers in your Jeep:
1. Opens up a whole new and exciting hobby: Making fun of ARBs!!!