1.Thou shalt not misuse the name of Jeep.

2.Thou shalt not steal any Jeep.
3.Thou shalt not murder on a Jeep Jamboree, or any other time.
4.Thou shall respect the land and the animals, for they are what make offroad exciting.
5.Thou shall covet other Jeeps with respect, for they are family.
6.Respect your Father, Mother, and Neighbor, for they one day may own a Jeep,
should you want to drive it.
7.Thou shalt not give false testimony against Jeep, especially while telling a fish story.

8.Thou shalt not commit sale to another, without respect towards Jeep.
9.Thou shalt not purposely harm your Jeep vehicle, or your Neighbors Jeep.
10.Thou shall idol Jeep, for it was given to rejoice.