1. The coin wash attendant says your jeep is too muddy to use the car wash.

2. You suggestion to take the top down results in your female passenger complying.
3. Your lost and vultures are circling overhead.
4. Your C.B. radio plays nothing but banjo music.
5. Your last lift takes you over the 7 foot garage height restrictions.
6. Your jeep is so mean and nasty looking that other vehicles avoid you.
7. Your jeep articulates so well that your hi-lift jack can't get the wheels off the ground.
8. Your life is preoccupied with finding alternative on-board air storage methods.
9. Your sex life is going downhill while your jeep is going uphill.
10. You've rolled your jeep and you're looking forward to the next time.
11. Your parts dealer laughs when you walk in the door.
12. You wake up one morning with a "jeep thing" tattoo.